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LBD Milk (2 litre)

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Full Cream milk – no hidden nasties and single source so you know your milk is coming from one farm in Central West NSW


The highest quality, deliciously creamy, single source milk on the market. This award winner is traceable back to the very cow that made it.


* Made in Australia
* Family-Owned business


Little Big Dairy Co Dubbo


Can only be ordered in conjunction with any fruit and/or veg box

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Can only be ordered in conjunction with any fruit and/or veg box


Our Herd of Holsteins

What really makes the Little Big Dairy Co special is our herd of 800 Holsteins, born and raised on our farm. Each has a name, which we know by heart. They make us who we are, and it’s their happiness and health that allow us to deliver over 8 million litres of milk every year.

We know their personalities intimately; each one is unique. We see it every day when they line up outside the dairy. They all have their own place – Wildfire will be first, and you can count on Gretel being last.


The Little Big Dairy Co Ethics

At the Little Big Dairy Co, we are big believers in sustainable farming – it drives everything we do, from looking after the land to caring for our herd.

Cow comfort is non-negotiable; it’s what allows us to produce our high-quality Single Source milk. The same attention is given to the farm. We plant trees, recycle our effluent water for irrigation, and reuse manure for fertiliser on our pasture.

But we know we need more than happy cows and a thriving farm to create a viable business, so we support the local economy where we can and identify new farming efficiencies in the process. This is what keeps us on the land, and allows us to bring our Little Big Dairy Co milk to you.

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