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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

NEWS |  
Again, Darren is finding the markets a bit tricky.  We know a lot of you choose COS as your preferred lettuce, COS has not been available for a while, we shall definitely supply when we can.   Markets are constantly changing daily as to what is and is not available – due to the flow on effect from flood affected areas, petrol prices and logistics.

Prices for a LOT of produce has gone VERY high.   Our box price has not.  We are doing our best to absorb all the high prices and our very best to follow your preferences.

EGGS  |  
This week the challenge has been EGGS!!   They are super scarce.  You may have noticed a different brand of eggs in your box or you may have had an upgrade.   As well as being scarce, our Paul & John’s supplier has retired and are not available at market anymore.  This happened VERY suddenly.   We are in the process of sourcing a new supplier, however with the lack of eggs available this is proving a little harder for the moment.   Please know that we will continue to supply the very best eggs we can and advise you once we have sourced a new supplier of eggs.

Darren thinks it will still be a few weeks before strawberries will be available again.  It is QLD strawberry time and they were hit hard in the floods.