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Freedom At Last!

Freedom At Last!

Now that Freedom Day is upon us we are all super excited and Mel & Darren at Wild Greens also understand that some of you may leave us and head back to the shops.

For those of you who do leave, we thank you for letting Wild Greens into your homes and providing your families with your weekly fruit & veg during lock down.  We hope we have served you well and please remember, you are always welcome to come back at any time if you need us. Remember we also do gifts and deliver right up to Christmas – don’t forget us 🙂

For those families who have joined the Wild Greens family and will be continuing with us – we thank you and look forward to a very fruitful relationship.  And we can’t forget our original Wild Greeners who have supported us from the very beginning – THANK YOU guys.

Covid lockdown has been so hard for so many.  We have seen and heard so many sad stories that have touched us greatly.  The love, kindness and generosity that has been expressed through Wild Greens has been nothing short of amazing.  From families to work places that have sent gifts of love and support has been enormous.

We have seen how hard it has been to juggle working from home, home schooling, entertaining the kids and basically not going crazy at the same time.  I’ve heard of mums locking themselves in the shower and having a glass of wine to chill for 10 minutes.  Then throw in health issues, job losses etc etc.  It has been tough, we’ve seen it all through your eyes.

We have put ourselves at risk everyday doing what we do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.   We greatly appreciate all the messages sent to us and know how much we have helped so many.  We have kept over 300 families each week out of the shops and safe from Covid, for that we have mutual gratitude.

So as our freedom is so close, we wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for supporting our little business and allowing us into your homes each and every week.

Take care and stay safe,
Mel & Darren xx