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Meet Mel
MEL – the powerhouse behind the scenes here at Wild Greens! With years of experience in the corporate and business world, Mel knows how to keep things running smoothly.  As our go-to person for all things admin, she’s the one who makes sure everything is organised and on track. But Mel’s not just a whiz […]
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Meet Daz
DAZ – the man who makes sure that every box of fruit and veg from Wild Greens is bursting with quality and flavour! He’s a master of the markets, with years of experience and a sharp eye for the best produce.   They say that the early bird catches the worm – and that’s definitely […]
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Lettuce tell you some fun facts about Lettuce ….
Looking to spice up your salad game? Check out these fun facts about lettuce! 🥗   Did you know that: Lettuce is part of the sunflower family 🌻 The ancient Egyptians were the first to cultivate lettuce as a food crop Lettuce is an excellent source of vitamin K, which helps with blood clotting 💉 […]
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Eco Friendly Homewares
Wild Greens are bringing Eco-friendly homewares to your front door.    All available in our ‘Homewares’ section on our website: compostable cling wrap, sandwich and snack bags banana bags that keep your bananas last longer potato bag bamboo fruit & veg drying mat bluapple – absorbs and neutralises ethylene gas emitted from fruits and veggies […]
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Grange Garlic
Wild Greens are proud to be the first stockist in NSW of this amazing 100% Australian minced Garlic.  It’s just like you minced it yourself! Grange Garlic is a 100% Australian, family owned and run business. Based in the Western District of Victoria, we are proud to produce quality, fresh, and 100% Australian garlic Healthy […]
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Little Big Dairy … what’s in a name?
What’s in a name? Little Big is a funny one that took us a while to get used to saying out loud. But our name really encompasses who we are and why we do what we do.   The Little Big Dairy Company is an Australian owned dairy brand that delivers Single Source Milk directly […]
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Happy Mother’s Day
NEWS |   Again, Darren is finding the markets a bit tricky.  We know a lot of you choose COS as your preferred lettuce, COS has not been available for a while, we shall definitely supply when we can.   Markets are constantly changing daily as to what is and is not available – due to the […]
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Happy 2022
Welcome 2022 (bit late sorry) Wild Greens is a fruit and vegetable home delivery service to a wide area of Sydney. North from Palm Beach south to Bundeena and west to the Hills. We provide seasonal fruit & veg straight from the markets to your doorstep on scheduled delivery days.  We offer a free delivery […]
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Freedom At Last!
Now that Freedom Day is upon us we are all super excited and Mel & Darren at Wild Greens also understand that some of you may leave us and head back to the shops. For those of you who do leave, we thank you for letting Wild Greens into your homes and providing your families […]
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